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Stolen from :iconkya-valentine: and filled out with some breaks in between... still resting the eye but slowly starting to spend some time here and there online. Hope everyone is ok :)

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.

Mix ingredients and stir well.

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can, What can you touch?

The TV

3. Before you started this survey, what were you doing?

Filling out forms for the removal of conditions on my husby's residency and getting it ready to mail out.

4. What is the last thing you watched on TV?

Top Chef season 4 finale.

5. Without looking, guess what time it is


6. Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?

4:50PM (well, I was close)

7. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?

Cropduster, clock, refridgerator & AC.

8. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?

Going to tell Nieky lunch was ready, he was hanging out laundry to dry.

9. Did you dream last night?

Yes. I was in a big old house surrounded by velociraptors.

10. Do you remember your dreams?

Yes, sometimes.

11. When did you last laugh?

Just now.

12. Do you remember why / at what?

My husband made a Jurassic Park joke at question 9.

13. What is on the walls of the room you are in?

Shelves, butterflies and a pirate flag.

14. Seen anything weird lately?

Yes. All the time. Don't remember the last weird thing I saw.

15. What do you think of this quiz?

It’s okay.

16. What is the last film you saw?

Monster, the mockbuster of Cloverfield by The Asylum. :sick:

17. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

In an old Victorian house with my hubby and our kitties, and one day our kiddies :D and our hermit crab. Somewhere with pleasant weather.

18. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?

I'd buy my Mama a new house/car and hire someone to clean for her. Then I'd buy our Victorian house, plus a nice car (nothing too fancy though). I'd also open a sanctuary for stray cats. I'd buy a functioning pirate ship for my husband, along with some top quality pirate gear. And a REALLY BIG television, because it would be easier to see!

19. Tell me something about you that most people don't know.

I'm ticklish... almost everywhere. Even my shins.

20. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?

I'd give everyone in the world a sense of responsibility, compassion for others, willingness to sacrifice for the good of others and the world, and kittens!

21. Do you like to dance?

Only when in my house!

22. Would you ever consider living abroad?

Yes, but only in the Netherlands.

23. Does your name make any interesting anagrams?

Savannah ...  Havannas ?  Hansa Van!

24. Who made the last incoming call on your phone?


25. What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?

Anvil Studio

26. Last time you swam in a pool?

Last year, at my Aunt Donna's... and I really just waded.

27. Type of music you like most?

Orchestral/epic, new age/relaxing, irish, some stuff from the 90s, and lots of random songs from different genres. And of course PIRATE MUSIC! :ahoy:

28. Type of music you dislike most?

Rap, modern country, and most of the crap on the radio these days. It all sounds the same to me and the sound is more like noise than music. Wow, do I sound old...

29. Are you listening to music right now?

Yes... Niek is sitting behind me beat-boxing. Especially for this question. :giggle:

30. What color is your bedroom carpet?

Moss green... or moss blue... moss blue-green... I dunno. XD

31. If you could change something about your home, without worry about expense or mess, what would you do?

I'd make it bigger, add a front porch, bigger bedrooms, more storage space, add a dining room, and a fenced in back yard so the kitties could stay out as much as they like.

32. What was the last thing you bought?


33. Have you ever ridden on a motorbike?

Yes, once. My late Uncle Curt gave me a ride and it was pretty scary.

34. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?


35. Do you have a garden?

Nope. I'd like to grow my own vegetables but I don't even know how to begin, and I'm not sure we could anyway since we're renting.

36. Do you really know all the words to your national anthem?


37. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?

Usually my cat, Stache, is waking me up so I think, "I guess I'd better get up and feed him so I can go back to sleep for a little while before the alarm goes off." Then, when the alarm goes off, "Dang it, I just fell asleep."

38. If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be?

Peter Jackson, most likely

39. Who sent the last text message you received?

My daddy :)

40. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?

I don't have a credit card... but if I did have one, and paying the bill was no problem, I would probably max it out at Hobby Lobby.

41. What time is bed time?

Anywhere from 9:00 pm to 12:00 am depending on what time Niek has to be at work the next day.

42. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?

Nope, and I wouldn't. I think they're shallow, stupid and damaging, especially to little girls.

43. How many tattoos do you have?


44. If you don't have any, have you ever thought of getting one?

Nah... I'm scared of needles and I just don't like the idea..

45. What did you do for your last birthday?

Instead of going into the novel-long explination, I'll just say... I was guilted into attending a celebration for both my twin brother and I, which was obviously meant only for him and they included me as an after thought. It wasn't my sort of party, I didn't have fun, and I still resent the whole situation because I would have preferred to celebrate quietly with my husband. It happened the year before too. Grumbles.

46. Do you carry a donor card?

No, but it says on my license I'm an organ donor.

47. Who was the last person you ate dinner with?

Niek :)

48. Is the glass half empty or half full?

Half full today, but it really depends on my day and my mood.

49. What's the farthest-away place you've been?

the Netherlands!

50. When's the last time you ate a homegrown tomato?

Uh.... not sure. I really don't enjoy tomatoes unless they're cooked in sauce or soup.

51. Have you ever won a trophy?

Yes... I won a couple of little ones in middle school for Accelerated Reading. I read the most books out of anyone in my grade.

52. Are you a good cook?

I'm learning. I really enjoy cooking :) Last year I did the meal for Thanksgiving by myself and people loved it.

53. Do you know how to pump your own gas?


54. If you could meet any one person (from history or currently alive), who would it be?

Hmmm... this is a really tough one. There are some celebrities I thought I'd like to meet, but then what if I meet them and they're total jerks and my illusion of them is shattered? plus, they're in totally different worlds. It's probably better if I just watch them and not meet them. I thought I'd like to meet my ancestors but that might just be weird. So probably, I would like to meet some of the people I follow online- Markiplier, Doug Walker (The Nostalgia Critic) and James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd), plus some of my friends here on dA.

55. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school?

Nope. They started in junior high the year after I left.

56. Do you touch-type?

Yes. For the most part.

57. What's under your bed?

Some random stuff I shoved under there to get out of the way...

58. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Not really... how can you love someone, really love them, if you don't know them? I'm not saying you can't be attracted to someone or think you'd like to get to know them... but love, no.

59. Think fast, what do you like right now?

Top Chef... weirdly enough. Always Pirates and Fantasy though.

60. Where were you on Valentine's day?

I think just at home... Niek had to work.

61. What time do you get up?

Anywhere from 6 am to 11 am depending on the day.

62. What was the name of your first pet?

Scratch, the calico cat, and her sister Pip, the blonde cat.

63. Who is the second to last person to call you?

My husband :)

64. Is there anything going on this weekend?

We've been trying to get some things done which is tough when I'm supposed to be taking it easy... Niek has been tending to the yard work by himself. With my moral support.

65. How are you feeling right now?

Ok... my  eye is getting a bit iffy so I may have to finish this later.

66. What do you think about the most?

Just day to day life stuff... bills, chores, family, and I tend to worry a lot. and right now I'm pondering Halloween.

67. What time do you get up in the morning?

I already answered this. THIS morning I got up at 7 and then went back to bed, and got back up at 10.

68. If you had A Big Win in the Lottery, how long would you wait to tell people?

I'd only tell a few people. Maybe only my husband and a few family members.

69. Who would you tell first?

My husband

70. What is the last movie that you saw at the cinema?

The hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

71. Do you sing in the shower?

Yes. Yes, I do.

72. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?

I answered this already.

73. What do you do most when you are bored?

Lately I watch Top Chef, or just listen to music while I rest my eye and think about ideas for stories I'll probably never write.

74. What do you do for a living?

Right now I'm just a house wife, but I hope to get back into the work force when my sight is up to snuff. I don't have a career goal though...

75. Do you love your job?

Yes. :) I do enjoy being a house wife.

76. What did you want to be when you grew up?

An artist

77. If you could have any job, what would you want to do/be?

Write fantasy novels, write/illustrate children's books, and just do art.

78. Which came first the chicken or the egg?

Chicken. If there was just an egg, how would it hatch unless there was a chicken to sit on it?  God said, let there be a chicken, and there was. And He saw that it was good... seriously, chicken is delicious.

79. How many keys on your key ring?

Just one... the house key. There are, however, a ton of key rings on there...

80. Where would you retire to?

the Netherlands, or Tennessee

81. What kind of car do you drive?

None! My husband rides a bike to work and we are carless at the moment

82. What are your best physical features?

My eyes, I guess?

83. What are your best characteristics?

I'm creative, loyal, and gentle. And sweet, adds my husband <3

84. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation where would you go?

the Netherlands, so we could see Niek's family and also the rest of the country we haven't seen yet.

85. What kind of books do you like to read?

Mostly fantasy adventure.

86. Where would you want to retire to?

I think the person who wrote this was falling asleep or something.

87. What is your favorite time of the day?


88. Where did you grow up?

Out in the country

89. How far away from your birthplace do you live now?

like 20 miles... I've been in the same area all my life.

90. What are you reading now?

Nothing at the moment aside from this list of questions. I was reading The Secret Garden for the 10th time or so but I haven't been since my surgery

91. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Night owl.

92. Can you touch your nose with your tongue?


93. Can you close your eyes and raise your eyebrows?

Yes XD

94. Do you have pets?

2 cats and a hermit crab

95. How many rings before you answer the phone?

Uum... well, I  have a ring tone, so I'm not sure how to answer. ^^;

96. What is your best childhood memory?

Christmas and Halloween. Even though we were poor my mother always made both holidays special for us.

97.What are some of the different jobs that you have had in your life?

Helper at front desk of high school, Subway sandwich artist, only employee at the print shop, clerk at a gift shop, pizza hut cook, caretaker of the elderly, house sitter, face painter, photo retoucher and wedding album designer for a local photographer....

98. Any new and exciting things that you would like to share?

I'm still healing from my eye surgery... that's about it.

99. What is most important in life?

Making life better for the people around you, being with people you love and who love you, and enjoying the simple blessings

100. What Inspires You?

My husband, music, and random stuff.



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm a 27 year old country girl. I live in the southern USA and I'm married to :iconnautical-nieky: the love of my life!! I love fantasy, pirates, and I enjoy digital art and writing. I'm a legally blind artist. There's a lot more to learn about me but I'm too lazy to type more :P

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